miércoles, 23 de abril de 2008

Short tango movie

Made on my first weekend there (last weekend of March '08). You often find this on busy Florida street downtown but this one was taken on Plaza San Martin. Of course u can take a cab there but if u wanna do it more as it is done there u can either take the subway to Retiro (Linea C). When u get out of the railway station it's already visible on the right in the distance. Or when u start on Plaza the Mayo u walk passed the Cathedral (the large building with the huge columns) and follow that street until Florida starts on ur right. From the cathedral that's bout 200-300 mtrs. Walk all the way through Retiro. U will cross some major avenues on the way and have to get passed the "muggers'" who try to lure u with tickets and clubs (very annoying). That is a reason why i avoid Florida mostly because they smell ur a tourist :p. At the end of Florida is a little square and when u cross the street u get to the park. And this movie was made just across that street.

Too bad it has no sound.