domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

Ghostly Recoleta Cementary

Now that was a pain to make. The movie was too large and too long (12.38 min) for Youtube so i had to work around. The advantage is that u get 640 x 480 resolution. Nice and big :) I hope it doesn't draw too much resources on ur pc! Disadvantage is that i can't display it directly in here. I simply don't know how to do it. :p It did run smoother with IE instead of Firefox in this case.

The image below is not the movie. Click on it to be taken to the movie itself.

-A movie made complied of images and movies from my visit to Recoleta Cementary, Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 1st and April 9th 2008.

Nothing paranormal went on yet for fun i tried to add some world famous ghost images to my existing ones. In this movie there are 5 pics which contain ghosts. Can u find them?

The movie ends with images from the tomb of Eva (Evita) Perón. also there is one image edited. Not a ghost image but it looks like one.

Before Evita was laid to rest there is quite a story before that. She has been buried in Milan, Italy during the dictatorship which overthrew her husband Juan Perón in 1955. Basically her body was missing for 16 years until the dictatorship revealed the Milan location. Before that time she had been embalmed and displayed in a Lenin like fashion in Buenos Aires. In 1971 she was exhumed in Milan and flown to Spain where Juan Perón lived at that time. He kept her in his house until he returned to Argentina in 1974. However he did not take her with her. It was Isabel Perón who became the first female president to get Evita's body back to Argentina where she was buried in the world famous tomb.

For more on Eva Perón check for example Wikipedia.