miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

Buenos aires: Day 6

Ok, having some probs with the laptop. Had constant heat shutdowns and by checking it seems the cooling fan is kinda coming to it's end. Every time the machine starts i have to see if it comes on and sometimes help it a little cranking it up. Let's hope it will hold.

Today much was closed. Malvinas Day i believe. yesterday was for Recoleta Cementary. Made pic and movies and already got to editing it and making it ready for Youtube. Approx 5.5 minutes. Uploading it will have to wait after i get back. Upload speed is rather crappy here.

Regarding the Subway. I found out that Line A is still ending at Primera Junta. They are getting the stations ready up to the last one called: Nazca. Linea H, the yellow one, seems to be working. i Still haven't tried it. Will do that for sure.

Still planned: La Boca and more special Caminito. When u say that u say Tango. Also wanna go to Plaza Dorrego (more tango) and also wanna visit a Tango Club hopefully this weekend.

Also still need to buy clothes at Once. Was there but couldn't find something really. Need to try again.