jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

TT71 - the tomb of Senenmut (Senmut)

From http://egyptology.blogspot.com

Photo's from TT71

Senenmut was closely associated with the female pharaoh Hatshepsut. There has been all sorts of speculation about his exact relationship with her, but officially he was the chief steward during her reign and was apparently the tutor of her only daughter Neferure. He was also the overseer of her building works at Luxor. TT71 is one of two tombs that were designed for Senenmut, the other being the larger and more ambitious TT353, which was unfinished. TT71 is a t-shaped rock-cut tomb with a passage leading to a hall with a row of 8 columns. The tomb was well decorated and produced numerous ostraca. It is not known where Senenmut was eventually buried.

The Senenmut Project has its own website, in English and Spanish.