lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

Buenos aires: Day 0: Ezeiza arrival

To start at the beginning of the trip:

This is for the flying freaks like me. Arrival at Ezeiza Intl Airport, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I basically started filming over Uruguay. You see overview of Buenos Aires. Also Palomar airport can be seen (that is if u can in this small Youtube format :p)

We made some turns giving some nice view of the surrounding areas.

Also extending the flaps etc can be seen nicely.

Only one thing happened. Obviously i had my finger too close to the Stop button, so when we touched down it stoped filming. Took me a bit to realize unfortunately. Ending with some taxiing towards the gate.

Flight nr. and other data at beginning of the movie.

If u don't like flying this movie can be pretty boring :p