sábado, 2 de febrero de 2008

Missed the snow!

-This morning at 3 am i looked outside and it was really snowing. When i woke up all gone! Was the first snow i saw in 2 years because of all the moving. Some of u, especially in North America, must be tired of snow i know :) Don't get to see it that often anymore here. Should have made a pic!

-Lazy day today. It's sunny but not too warm. U can feel the sun getting a bit warmer though. It's after all already Feb. Buenos Aires has 28.2 Celsius as i look now. When i got there in March 2006 it was nice and warm. Not it'll be 4 weeks later but i expect it to be still nice. Let's hope so!
The web cams are again not showing on the gobBsAs site so i can't update them right now. (in case u wondered)

-Carnaval has started this weekend. Here it's merely a couple of days. Buenos Aires has an event called Carnaval Porteño 2008 which lasts almost the whole month. Looking at the pic below they show it is more Rio de Janeiro style than European :) If u wanna read about that there is something here (In Spanish).

-SL news: Not much again. Haven't been on much either. Still no spot to put my castle. Maybe i'll pick up this weekend. A little bit less SL once in awhile is not a bad thing.

-And to end with another pic. This was made during reentry of the fatal flight of STS-107, the Columbia flight which broke up during that reentry now 5 years ago. It's a sunset/sunrise with the sun on the edge of the horizon breaking light through the atmosphere.