jueves, 31 de enero de 2008

A thursday in January

-The weather absolutely sucks. Storm and rain. And cold too! Hope it clears up soon. Weekend pending!

-Our queen has her birthday. We officially celebrate that on April 30th. She's becoming 70 years today.

-Big news of the day here was the apparent solving of the Natalie Holloway case. This is going to air on Sunday. This guy has it's own TV program about crime and he went into it and it seems he got a confession from the suspect. Let's hope for the family and friends that will bring some closure now.

-8 weeks: Now 56 days before seeing my beloved city again!

-SL: No news. U gotta be kidding me right u must think? :p Nope! Really no news!

-Mercury: While we are still in retrograde (see previous post) a spacecraft made a nice flyby and made this movie.