domingo, 27 de enero de 2008

Some fresh SL air

By lack of real ocean taking the SL one. In a way it works. The last few days have seen tremendous changes. Sometimes one has to say no and not trying to be nice. This was one of those instances. I didn't so ended up in a SL mess. Solution? Fixing it. Giving up some of the past to be able to start new. And then saying no gets harder. Guess i was never good at that.

In practice this meant scrapping groups and friends. Some for awhile and others permanently. Also changed my profile, gave up my house. Alternative was take another avatar but that would mean really starting over again. Naaaahhh.

One i couldn't scrap. She made it to a few posts here :) Some things run deep like the ocean below. And although u can say the situation between us changed the past 2 weeks below the waves it hasn't. At least not for me. The Leo went ashore while the Pisces peeks up his head above the water and wonders if they'll ever swim together again.

Miss u tons Jade.