miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2007

Wednesday 19

Less than a week before Xmas. Guess we'll have no snow. Is weird. 2004 Xmas in summer, 2005 in winter, 2006 in summer, and now winter again. I need to make up my mind :)

We got the club back and how! Just made an event (even had a DJ who played hip hop R & B, w000t!!)and we got enough people to have a lot of fun :) Some of that fun is classified. You'll have to come yourself to know what i mean ;) Only downturn for me. Jade had an RL party and had to leave early. No fun without Jade? Well fun yes but just not the same :) Kinda miss her when she's not there. Kinda... is an understatement hehe.

For the rest of the week nothing special planned. Work out the week which is a bit more busy because from next week on a lot of people here have time off and they are pushing things last minute. The good thing will be that next week it's gonna be a pretty lazy working week.

Travel plans? Yes but nothing decided yet. The idea is march - april. Could be Argentina, could be US. Dunno yet. Hangs on some things. And not the money or getting the days off :) We'll see! It goes as it goes they say.