lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2007

Lunch break

Lunch break and freezing my ass off outside. So a good time to do a blog post. :p

Best news is a follow up on the post of July 2nd. I was barely back from Argentina at that point. Well... make that Chicago. Back then i had forgotten to turn in Visa Waiver strip I-94 which u normally have to return when you leave the US. Followed procedure and sent in all documents to get cleared. That is still pending and in about 4 weeks i have to send the letter to ask them for confirmation if it has been completed.

Now was my understanding that in the meantime visiting the US was not possible. Anyways last friday i looked it up on the website again and this made me email the consulate in The Hague. My question was if it were possible to take the normal Visa application route via the US Consulate in The Hague while waiting for the other process to be completed. And guess what? This was possible all along! W000t!!

Do i have actual travel plans? Not yet but one never knows! The thing is that it can be done if needed.

For the rest? Saturday spend another evening at the club although we had no real event planned. Sunday most of the day the sim of the club was inaccesable. And when it worked for a short time i found all kinds of weird things like script errors on poseballs etc. So couldn't really do much. Jade my businesspartner, friend and love was out in Real Life so i took the time to buy some items for the club as well get her a big ass tv for her house. The idea behind that is to be able to provide streaming video to her favorite shows in case she misses an episode. Not so easy because of permissions and settings of the property. So that's still not done. But it sure looks nice that wall filling screen. I hope to make a picture of it for posting when it works so you can get the idea.