miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2007

Second Life's hidden world

Yes another SL post :) I spend much time there so not surprising. I know i need to make other kind of posts as well! But this one asks for explanation.

In an earlier post already introduced my best friend Jade. For those who don't know SL: In SL basically you can do everything you want. Have a house, have friends etc. No it's not the real world i know!

However as in RL when you meet persons you sometimes grow closer. Some of you may know that through chat for example. Well, SL has the visual aspect. You can actually do things. Also you can use voice as you would in Skype for example.

Another aspect is that through the avatar you experience real people. Not all the time because everyone can be who he or she is obviously. But often real people with real feelings. And that goes far. real friendships evolve, people meet in real life often, relationships happen and also the part of that. I know even people who took that too far and endd up divorcing in real life because they met someone in the game. So how real do you want it?

Jade from the picture above i met by accident really. It was in a club and as often you just have fun and chat a bit. Although early on something was different. Over time we grew closer. Because she has over 2 years of SL experience and me just a few months she took me and guided me around. Taught me things. Through pictures and voice i got to know her even better. And then you come suddenly at a point you realize that you really are close. And now i hear you thinking :)

Through in game events (i don't wanna get into we were for some time more than friends) i realized that she meant more to me than just an in game girl. Because of the issues in the game a real good friendship developed and to such extend that you keep thinking about her at more than just in game. And that goes both ways. We decided to take it by the day yet the last few weeks have really been special. It makes you wonder.

Not only did she change the way i see the game also she forced me to examine myself. And through that i have learned a lot. Especially the last few weeks. I feel calm and relaxed about her and it all makes me smile. And yes i do wonder about where this is leading. But as said day by day.

SL should never be an escape of reality. Also it cannot give the intensity you have with real time friends. But it has the potential to come to the point that the SL -RL line is breached. And in that sense it hasn't less value than RL friends.

It may sound strange but if i would have to miss her it would leave quite a void. She is simply amazing :)

And now i go to bed folks!