miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2007

Which taxi goes first?

A line-up of yellow-black taxi's in Buenos Aires. They know how to do a good pace driving. If i am right this is the crossing at Plaza de Mayo and Avenida Rivadavia.

Typically taxi's on the side of the pavement are empty and can be recognized by their slow pace and having their Free (Libre) sign on. In this picture they would be on the far side. As soon as they have a customer they move full speed and go to middle or left lanes. The middle one in the picture has a customer as you can see.

You stop a taxi by sticking your hand out pointing slightly downwards. The same sign is used for stopping the Colectivo (Bus) but then your hand points upwards. This is to avoid confusion when you are standing near or on a bus stop trying to get either one. Taxi's are so numerous especially on the main Avenidas that when a bus comes also taxi's are often before, next and after it. Giving the right signal makes it for everyone clear. Also when you stop a taxi. They often signal their lights after you made your hand signal to indicate they saw you and are going to stop.

When you take a taxi ride you typically get in in the back. Most taxi drivers do not speak English. If they do or you speak Spanish you will often find that you can have a nice conversation. They always ask where you come from and most of the time which soccer team is your favorite :)