lunes, 28 de mayo de 2007

McLaren's Monaco results in doubt?

The McLaren-Mercedes accomplished a one-two finish at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday, with double World Champion Fernando Alonso taking victory ahead of rookie team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

When it appeared that both drivers had received instructions to avoid risks and not to attempt a change in positions, Team Principal Ron Dennis had to explain that the particular urban track characteristics of Monaco demanded such an approach.

"We do not favour anybody. There will be times and places when they are free to race, but this isn't one of them," declared Dennis, adding that he would have been considered an 'idiot' had he allowed his drivers to fight on the tight Monte Carlo streets.

The circuit is well-known for being the riskiest event on which to overtake, as such duels may often end up with at least one car in the barriers.

On Sunday, both McLarens were clearly at the head of the pack and Ron Dennis had no intention of losing precious Championship points for his team.

"I don't like to slow drivers down, I don't like them to be frustrated but it is the way you have to win the Monaco Grand Prix," he said.

Team orders are illegal in Formula One to avoid any interference in the sport and the spectacle. However, Ron Dennis was adamant: "We don't have team orders - we had a strategy to win this race."

But the turmoil over the interpretation of team orders is far from over, as governing authorities have decided to take a closer look.

"The FIA has launched an investigation into incidents involving the McLaren Mercedes team at the 2007 Monaco Grand Prix in light of a possible breach of the International Sporting Code. The relevant evidence is under review and a further announcement will be made in due course," reads the press release.

It seems Ron Dennis still has some explaining to do...