domingo, 9 de marzo de 2008

Getting there

Less than 20 days to go. I'm all set. Everything is arranged. Will stay in a hotel where i was before, close to where i lived. Only 840 Pesos for 14 nights. But that's twice the price i paid back then. 840 is for some there a month salary or more. But compare it with other prices of 100 US $ or more per night! Then I'd say I'm done pretty cheap. No breakfast though but i know some places and café con medialunas are not expensive. And it leaves more money for hanging out in the evenings.

All that's left is packing basically. Also not much work since i go with little to be able to come back with a suitcase full. So just counting down for now. 12 days of work left before then. Do have to buy some presents before leaving. I'm thinking to do that the next weekend.

I did find a nice app for my BB. Worldmate Live. It allows u to make itineraries. Also u can see the weather and times in various cities of ur choice. And they have a Gold Membership which allows u to get up-to-date travel status, delays, changes etc. It's free to try for 7 days so I'll activate that trial just before i travel. It even should give options to rebook in case of cancellation, saving u queuing at airline desks. let's hope i won't need that option!

SL: Was on a bit. I'm still backlogging on TV shows but almost done. So i expect to be on a bit more. Gotta find something new to do in game.