martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

48 hrs

Nope not the movie :) One day of work left. Most is packed. And again u pack more than u need. Sounds familiar? Checklist is almost completed. What is left is last-minute stuff. The things u use until the last moment. For the rest remain making backups of files to keep here just in case. Will keep backing up on a USB stick while there. Encrypted of course. U never know what can happen. Not that i have to hide anything. It's just the idea that someone can read ur mail etc. In that sense i do better than the Dutch military. They had a bad track record of USB sticks being lost, unencrypted. *shakes head*.

Weather looks "good" in both Amsterdam and Milan, so no delays expected. The current weather forecast for day of arrival is partially clouded with 23 Celsius (15 C at night) according to the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional.

And guess what? While packing i found 22 pesos! I can buy an ice cream (or 2, or 3, 4??)! Yay! :p And i know just the place for that: Palmeiras at the intersection of Pedernera and Bonifacio. Hmmm! Best ice cream i ever had. And better, 1/1/2 blocks from the hotel :D