domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

Week 9

Yep, past midnight again. Already the 25th. Start of the year just seems 2 days ago.

Catching up on a backlog of shows i still didn't see. Ghost Hunters foremost. Love these guys hehe

-Events of the coming week: My birthday Tuesday and my blog birthday on Thursday.

-SL news: not really. Haven't been on since last Wednesday. Wanna do some other stuff first.

-Travel preparations: Still waiting to hear if i can stay at my ex's place or that i need to go for a hotel. Need to know that next weekend max. Don't wanna risk running out of options in case i need to make reservations. Some ideas are forming about what i wanna do there. Some depends on schedules of others there obviously. But what i intend to do is buy a lot of clothes because they are a lot cheaper there. And i wanna hang out in the evenings. A Tango club is on my list since I've never done that before. For the rest will have to see. Also wanna go to some of the webcam locations and make shots. Will make a nice post later :)

-Talking webcams: The BsAs webcams still don't work. Almost a week guys! Fix it!