domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008


-Weather like it is spring (primavera) the last few days. Sunny and clear skies. First time without a coat! Went to Leiden. Found a suitcase. And cheap! It's a Samsonite and obviously no one wanted it so they made it half the price. Who doesn't want Air Force Grey? Got it for 95 Euro's.

-Also in Leiden: Was in this store with most amazing swords. Real size. Swords from Lord of the Rings for example. Big ass like 4 ft (over 1 mtr) tall. And cheap! Under 100 Euro's. Didn't buy one though but maybe next time ;)

-Leiden 3: Walked through a street and a b&w image caught my eye. Hmmm i know that scene. Was a picture of Buenos Aires. And it seemed to be a Argentinian Tango dance school. Seemed they had a tango day for starters. And they seem to have lessons in Arnhem and Nijmegen as well. This would be closer in case i would want to. Who knows! Here is their website.

-Here some pics from Leiden made with the BB.

-SL news: Haven't been on for the weekend! That;s news huh? But I'm about to take a look under the tunes of Timbaland - Apologize. The Song of the week is called "Sorry". Do i have to make up for something? LMAO

-Thursday: Valentines Day. How to go about that this year. Hmmmm.... ponders...