martes, 5 de febrero de 2008

More connected

-Got some more fixed on the Blackberry. MSN, Yahoo messengers (i have no AIM atm) via Also can see the blog here but is not really made for RIM. Scrolling ur ass off. Also Myspace isn't made for RIM. I can scroll but forget login in. Simply won't do it. Ebuddy also has Myspace messenger (which i never used) but they haven't integrated it yet for use on handhelds. Ebuddy mobile looks nice and integrates the messengers in one. Only the Blackberry isn't listed yet unfortunately.

What is not fixed and i have no clue why. Can't go to secure https pages. And those u need for example with web mail or the SL website. Under investigation.

-The weather sucks again. Not as last week but still too wet. When does spring come?

-The Buenos Aires still don't work on the city website. A bit more patience please.

-SL news: Was not in SL mood today. Was on for a bit. Looked for some places to have fun at another time. Found some! :) For the rest i was more busy doing other things on the pc then paying attention. So i went off for the day.