martes, 8 de enero de 2008

First week of the year, start of week 2

And what a week! Went to Antwerp on New Years Eve. That was absolutely great. The city architecture reminded me of Buenos Aires. We went most of the time to an Irish pub with Irish staff. You can't get better. They didn't even speak Dutch :) Not on the Guinness as u would probably would wonder, but on wine (as usual) and later some Baileys.

Back on the first. Working on the second. Then in SL i quit the club. As i told earlier i ran the club with someone. We didn't own it. And there were rules i could not live with. Having to do with guns and listening devices. I wanted them out. There was no way to talk about it. And since it took away my fun i quit. I felt sorry for my partner though. Luckily i get to see her elsewhere in game now.

And we had our share of things as well. She is my SL gf. sounds weird huh? Well a lot of people do have that. Even get married there :) The thing was her being so busy in SL (club mostly) and RL that we hardly had (and still do) time to see each other. Even talking was a problem. But on the verge of breaking up i understood the reasons and i simply can't live without such a great girl. Aaawww huh? :)

The week ended with some PC probs. Yes again! Had to get back to XP on Saturday to find out i got heat shutdowns on the laptop on most annoying moments. Sunday i got the Vista working again. But for those who have done that before know how much time it takes from a reinstall to having all your progs and settings back to where it was again.

Week 2 started off with normal work. Thinking about a vacation in March or April. And yes Buenos Aires is definitely in the picture. I hope so!