domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2007

A new toy

Was time for a gift to myself. Considered waiting for the Iphone but it's still not available. Besides that i'd rather have good support and not only here. So i got myself a Blackberry. And that thing rocks! Not only email on the move but the thing also can import MP3, has a cam and synchronizes eaily with my Outlook email. And i can use it anywhere in the world. The thing goes with a 2 year subscription. I paid 5,95 Euro's for the thing. The first 8 months i get 50 % discount on the monthly expenses. It has unlimited email within the Netherlands. And even when i start to pay the full monthly amount it's still cheap.

But o man does setting that thing up take time! Good one can import many things from the pc. Can even watch imported movies from my pc. CSI on the move. W00t!