viernes, 10 de agosto de 2007

Spyware trojan take 2

Still working on repair. Already found one problem. That was the Emerald screensaver i have been using since June! Deleted that post already here so no one else gets the problem. Strange the virus scanner (AVG Free) didn't pick it up. I found it now because I'm running a trial of Kaspersky Antivirus on a clean Vista install. The install of that screensaver was already marked and it's still scanning. So maybe later an update in this post. Other posts will have to wait until that scanning is complete and I'm certain there are no more problems.

Luckily i have done this more than once before so i know what to do. For example i keep an image of a basic Vista install so i can put back that image in about 10 minutes. This saves me the whole Vista setup procedure. Those who have done that know how long it can take including drivers, updates etc.

After all seems to be clean remains the install of all applications and the configuration of all the settings i had made. That is the most work.

Update 3.40

Besides the mentioned file nothing was found. The HD is clean for sure though. Still installing an configurating. Lot of work !