jueves, 2 de agosto de 2007

20% Increase taxi's a fact + other recent price increases

Today an agreement was reached which made the way free for the 20% price increase for taxi rides in Buenos Aires. In a post a few days ago i already mentioned the possibility for such an increase.

As i understand the start amount for taking a taxi will be 3.10 pesos instead of the 2.60 pesos it is now. The increments per distance/time will jump from 0,26 peso to 0,31 peso.

The increase is expected to be effectuated in October.

Today i also heard there had been increases in other goods over the recent time. The Dollar - to Argentine Peso rate had been at an all time high last week and inflation 0.7%. This resulted in the following increases as it was given to me. Cannot verify.

Meat: 30%
Vegetables: 74%
Milk and other dairy products: 98%

More increases in the near future are expected as well!