martes, 31 de julio de 2007

Blog changes

Some changes made today on the blog. Here is a list:

1. Overall layout is wider. If you run 800x600 or lower you probably have to scroll sideways now. But i needed the right side wider so i'm sorry for those on lower resolutions.
2. Made a logo! Title is the same but a different font (Papyrus) and background.
3. Added some Google Adsense. Increasing the chance for clicking and thus maybe i make a buck!! Feel free to click regularly! :D
4. Added Esquina de la música or Music Corner. Will change the clip here every week.
5. Polls are now on the top left. They can be easier found here and are always above the last post made on the blog. So you can't miss it!
6. Previous polls are displayed on the right. Every time a poll closes and is replaced the last one will go that spot until the next replacement. This is typically every 3 days.
7. Added another view of Plaza de Mayo. It's from the webcam but not live. They made it so you can't have it live unfortunately. So a few times a day i change the picture. This webcam also turns from time to time so you get different angles as well.
8. RSS Feeds of the main newspapers in Argentina on the bottom right. Always gives the last 5 headlines per newspaper.

If you have any suggestions leave a comment or email me (see my profile)