jueves, 14 de junio de 2007

Situation Report

This term SITREP would be more for the other blog!

6 days and a few hours left. The majority of things is done. What needed to be sent has been sent. What needed to be packed is already packed. What is left is some of those small things you'd get when you go on vacation. Little things to buy, last-minute laundry and that kind of stuff.

The 19th will be my last working day. I leave actually on the 20th late in the afternoon. The flight is in the evening and there are several reasons not to be late. 1. traffic at that time. 2. Ezeiza airport still deals with a radar problem of 3 months ago due to lightning hit. Seems it's Air Force who owns it and that is strange because especially then you'd expect it to be done the next day! Seems to be a money issue more. But that's not uncommon here. 3. Flying to the US with a US carrier. You simply need to be earlier there. Extra checks maybe, possibly face a few questions.

Chicago can be extremely hot and humid is my experience so probably it'll be quite a change of temperature. Fortunately i do have some summer things packed. I'm glad to be able to go. Keeping my mind on something else than leaving here and all that i need to do in Holanda. Vacation first! How i feel after that is not for now. And i am certain it's not going to be boring. I'll be seeing more of the city than my previous two trips together probably!

For today? Shower and then in the afternoon probably a haircut. It's 10 times cheaper than in Holanda. I don't really have to yet, has not been a month but I'll go anyway.

The weekend? Friday will be a rain day probably but the weekend should be dry. Good chance to see something! And bring the cam! I don't promise any movies because lately the line is very bad. Uploading something could be hours or fail even. I'll see what I'll do with that.