lunes, 11 de junio de 2007

All good things

This is the title of the final episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. So why do i choose it?

I came here for the best reason you can have to come here in my opinion. That is love. But what to do if the love is no longer there? You can do 2 things. You stay and move out and try to pick up your life here or you return to The Netherlands in my case. Looking at all the options i opt for the latter. Long term i have little future here unless i find someone else.

And that is the news i was referring to in Saturdays post. I wanted to wait with posting here before some things had been set in motion and the appropriate folks had been notified. And this is now the case.

Obviously this will direct influence on the blog. The 20th of this month i am leaving the country. So after that no more pictures or movies from here I'm afraid.

But i will not delete the blog. I will keep the same URL but the title obviously will change. Also the content on the right side will. Like the clock, weather map and links related to here. I'm going to find a nice title and keep posting Formula 1, images, astronomy and Egyptology stuff and probably a few new things next to how things are picking up after returning.

What is on the blog regarding Argentina of course will stay in the archive. So with the labels people can still look at articles, pictures and movies related to here.

That's life folks!