miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2007

Street tracks may make F1 boring

Kimi Raikkonen on Wednesday warned that the return of street circuits to the Formula One calendar could make the sport boring.

In the Monte Carlo paddock, the Ferrari driver said tight and twisty city layouts like Monaco are a good challenge for the drivers but often not conducive to exciting racing.

In addition to Monaco, the F1 calendar of the very near future will feature new street events in Valencia and Singapore. Abu Dhabi's maiden Grand Prix in 2009 is to be staged on a semi-street circuit course.

"I personally like circuits like this, because they are good fun for the drivers and a different challenge," Raikkonen said.
"But sometimes there is not much overtaking - even less than usual - so the races can be boring. It is easy to get stuck behind another car because it is so difficult to pass."