miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2007


Ok, a quick one in between work. Just had to post this one :))

"The soothing strains of Mozart's concerto for flute and harp in D major are being played to cows on a farm in Spain to increase their milk yield.

The works of the Austrian composer are said to be having a dramatic effect on the 700 cows on Hans-Pieter Sieber's farm in Villanueva del Pardillo, near Madrid. The animals also sleep on water beds and enjoy the attentions of an animal psychologist. The Friesians are even treated to relaxing showers. And, in case they should feel the chill, the temperature never falls below 29C.

The attentions lavished on the cows appear to be paying dividends. Mr Sieber, 37, who is from Switzerland but married to a Spaniard, says each cow produces between 30 to 35 litres per day - more than the average of about 29 on other farms.

"If you give the cows comfort they are more disposed to help out," he said. "Normal milk doesn't have much taste or smell. That's why we started this method." And he said scientists from the Alcorcón Hospital in Madrid are studying the milk's potential for helping patients with digestive problems.

It is thought the milk's quality could help patients recover more quickly."