lunes, 7 de mayo de 2007

Massa delighted with updated F2007

Bahrain Grand Prix winner Felipe Massa has enthused about the updated F2007 he tested last week at Barcelona.

Ferrari was already the pacesetter this year, but Massa said that updates made a significant difference to the pace at the same venue for Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix.

"Before the update the F2007 was good enough," he is quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport, "and we could prove it by already winning twice."

"But this (updated) car is even better. I hope that we can repeat our competitiveness of the test in the next race," Massa added.

Massa last week revealed that he thought the new package had taken five-tenths off an average lap time, while some observers now estimate the advantage over McLaren to be a full second.

Massa said: "I have a great car and am ready to win again.
He rubbished David Coulthard's lap record on the final day of last week's test by saying a Ferrari driver could 'easily' have gone quicker if he had wanted.

"Coulthard's record?" La Gazzetta quotes Massa as saying. "It does not interest us."

He also commented on McLaren's radical new front wing, and confirmed that something equally as visually impressive will not crop up on the red cars in scrutineering later this week.

"They attract a lot of attention with their wing but we have many innovations and our car is faster. I am sure McLaren will still be competitive but we hope to be in front," Massa said.