martes, 29 de mayo de 2007

Kimi nears title 'danger zone'

Kimi Raikkonen is teetering on the "danger zone" of being left out of the fight for the 2007 F1 World Championship.

That is the claim of championship leader Fernando Alonso, who along with his McLaren teammate Lewis Hamilton moved fifteen points clear of Ferrari's Finn at Monaco last weekend.

Ferrari's lesser-paid Felipe Massa, meanwhile, is ten points clear of his high profile teammate, who finished just eighth in the Principality after a qualifying crash set him farther away on the starting grid.

"I believe that, when you are 15 points behind, you risk entering the danger zone," Alonso is quoted as saying by the Spanish newspaper As.

"With one more error, yes, (Raikkonen) will be out of it."

25-year-old Alonso observed that Brazilian Massa is only five points behind the silver-clad pair after Monaco.

He admitted: "I would prefer to fight for the title with my teammate, because then I know that we are fighting with equal conditions. When you are against Ferrari, how things are going to be is harder to predict."

He also vowed to stay out of the controversy about alleged team favouritism within McLaren, saying that he prefers to simply "enjoy the victory" in the days following his second such win in 2007.

Alonso said: "In five races I have gathered 38 points. If I do the same in the next five, I am going to win the title. I know what I have to do."