viernes, 4 de mayo de 2007

F1 switch for Rossi not likely

Bernie Ecclestone has backed multiple MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi's decision last year to call off his switch to Formula One.

Ecclestone, who chatted with the Italian rider on a visit to the Istanbul round recently, said Rossi would have been 'stupid' to abandon his kingdom for the big unknown world of four wheels. Ecclestone was reportedly desperate to lure flamboyant Rossi to F1 and instrumental in his tests with Ferrari a couple of years ago.

But asked by Motorcycle News about Rossi's decision to stick with MotoGP, Ecclestone replied: "I would like to have seen him with us (but) to be honest he's good where he is."

"Obviously he would have been stupid to have moved. Honestly he's the king of the bikes and it would have been stupid to come to Formula One and maybe not make it.

"He did the right thing," Ecclestone added.

"We don't know, maybe he would have come in and done well."

28-year-old Rossi is contracted to stay with his Yamaha team until the end of next year, but Ecclestone said he thought it now unlikely that he might switch to Formula One in the future.

"I think more likely he wants to do rallies," Ecclestone said. "For us (the issue is) not closed and for the teams I'm sure they'd love to have him. I'd love him to be there (in F1), but I don't see it."