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The Dutch Royal Family: Princess Annette

Princess Annette is married to Prince Bernhard, the second son of Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven. The couple have two children, Isabella and Samuel.


Princess Annette was born in The Hague on 18 April 1972 as Annette Sekrève, the eldest daughter of Mr Ulrich Sekrève and Ms Jolanda de Haan.

She has two younger sisters.


Annette Sekrève attended primary school in Oosterhout.

She then studied at the Sint Oelbert Gymnasium in Oosterhout, gaining her VWO (pre-university education) certificate in 1991. That year, she enrolled as a psychology student at Groningen University, where she graduated in 1996. Her dissertation examined the psychological stress of working with mentally handicapped people.

Marriage and family

While studying in Groningen, Annette Sekrève met Prince Bernhard.

The couple announced their engagement on 11 March 2000. They married in July 2000. The civil ceremony was performed on 6 July 2000 by Ms A.H. Brouwer-Korf, Mayor of Utrecht, in the Spiegelzaal of the Paushuize, Utrecht. Two days later, on 8 July 2000, the marriage was blessed by Dr Anne van der Meiden in the Domkerk, Utrecht.


Since her marriage on 6 July 2000, Princess Annette has held the courtesy title of Princess of Orange-Nassau. Although not a Princess in her own right, she is addressed as ‘Your Highness’, following the custom that a wife takes her husband’s title.

Prince Bernhard and Princess Annette have two children. Their daughter Isabella (Isabella Lily Juliana) van Vollenhoven, was born in Amsterdam on 14 May 2002. Their son Samuel (Samuel Bernhard Louis van Vollenhoven) was also born in Amsterdam, on 25 May 2004. The family lives in Amsterdam.

Work and official duties

After graduating from university, Princess Annette held various positions.

Since January 2002, she has worked for the care services for the mentally handicapped in Amsterdam. She works part-time as a supervisor in the arts workshop.

Official duties

It is only rarely – for example on the Queen’s official birthday on 30 April – that Princess Annette attends public events in her capacity as a member of the Royal House. The younger members of the Royal House have made a conscious decision to pursue their own careers, and lead their lives as they choose.

Leisure pursuits

The Princess’s favorite sports are tennis, hockey and skiing.

Her other hobbies include reading and the Internet.