martes, 1 de mayo de 2007

Día del Trabajador in Argentina

Today is Día del Trabajador (Labor Day) here as well. In The Netherlands we generally do not celebrate this. As a matter of fact it's for most a normal working day. The previous day there is Queens Day which is a public holiday. Since for my work i follow the Dutch Holidays today was a working day.

It's so noticeable here it is Labor Day because normally around 5 am you start hearing the swelling of traffic on the street and today it was totally quiet.

Here it is publically celebrated since Argentina surely politically hinges towards the left side of the spectrum. A lot of red on the street. And that is definitely NOT my color. What can you expect for someone who has a military blog as well :)

See here how Plaza de Mayo looked this afternoon.

The next holiday here will be May 25th which is Revolución de Mayo Day. More about that then.