viernes, 27 de abril de 2007

Massa calls on Ferrari to push development

Felipe Massa has called on Ferrari to keep pushing hard on car development after he got his championship challenge back on the road by winning the Bahrain Grand Prix.

"Looking at the last two races, it was clear that Malaysia did not go well for us, but in Bahrain we had an excellent race pace and now we need to concentrate on finding some improvements in the car, looking specifically at different phases of the race weekend, like qualifying and the race itself," Massa said.

"We have been analysing everything to try and improve for Spain, even if the last race was quite good for us," he added. "This is a Ferrari habit and it's a good one. After three races, this is a key moment in the championship, with the top runners all so close in the points. It is very tight, which makes it even more important to work even harder to improve every single little detail on the car."

Massa is currently at home in Brazil but will be back at the wheel on Wednesday in testing at Barcelona.