domingo, 29 de abril de 2007

Estación Constitución

To me it looks similar to the inside of the Abasto. Use search for that article to compare.

Estación Constitución is a large train station in central Buenos Aires, Argentina. The full official name of the terminal is Estación Plaza Constitución (Spanish for "Constitution Square Station"). The facility is located opposite the plaza bearing the same name, two kilometers to the south of the Obelisco landmark.

All southbound trains (the Roca line) have their terminus at Constitución and the station is served by two primary railway corporations:

* the commuter rail company Metropolitano provides local services to the nearby city of La Plata and into the surrounding suburbs of Buenos Aires, while
* the publicly owned Ferrobaires company operates long-distance passenger trains throughout much of Buenos Aires Province. Major destinations include Mar del Plata, Miramar, and Bahia Blanca with connecting services further south to Carmen de Patagones.

Departures are announced only in the main hall on a black electronic board with red LEDs, consisting of two columns indicating each: time of departure, platform and destination. The left column is used for diesel trains whereas the one on the right for electric trains. Next to it there is an information board, and opposite to it, the ticket office.

The ground floor has twelve tracks. These are for all southbound trains. The floor below has two tracks for the subway.

Constitución is accessible by the C line of the city's subte (subway), by numerous public bus lines (including the colectivo 60 line), and by long-distance bus services.

The surrounding neighbourhood - part of Barrio Constitución - is characterized by low-rent residences for people from the provinces (or from neighboring Paraguay and Bolivia) who come to work in the big city.

The massive hall, built by the British, is one of the largest in the world.